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There is huge variability between human bodies and experiences. You wouldn’t expect everyone to fit into a pair of size 6 jeans, so why would you expect them to fit into the same alignment of a yoga posture?

I'm Cassandra (Cassie for short). I'm an experienced and socially conscious yoga teacher with a passion for making dynamic yoga accessible. My focus is on adjusting postures and flows to meet the needs and body of the yoga practitioner - not the other way around.

Actively teaching Core Strength Vinyasa, Yoga Shred® and Yoga For All, my classes are playful, powerful and compassionate. I integrate contemporary knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics into my teaching and use non-linear instruction to help students move safely and strongly into their most functional individual alignments.

In a deviation from traditional yoga styles, I teach postures from the ground up and inside out to promote safe, efficient and powerful movement led by the inner core. This core-led practice helps individuals to build inner strength and resilience not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Ready to start an individualised, science-backed and empowering yoga practice? Check out my class schedule below!

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Core Strength Vinyasa
This style of yoga uses contemporary knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to bring you into efficient, safe and stable core-generated alignment. CSV simplifies accessing and comprehending the “core” while helping you to cultivate strength, flexibility, mindfulness and confidence. Because of its multi-level actions and focus on constant core connection, CSV is a highly effective way to spark major changes both inside and out.

Yoga Shred®
The Yoga Shred® is a mindful and super-effective fusion of yoga and better-aligned fitness moves that can give you 4 hours' worth of results in just one hour. This class gives you all the balance, centring and endurance-based strength of yoga, infused with the superior cardio, muscle-defining and sculpting, and whole-body transformation that comes with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Every pose is suitable or modified for strong beginners and up.

Yoga For All
Yoga For All is a class style designed to be inclusive of ALL body types and abilities, including people with creaky joints, bigger bodies or differently-abled bodies. Yoga For All teachers are trained to teach yoga in an accessible, inclusive, adaptable and body -positive way. Yoga For All can be taught as a floor-based or chair-based yoga practice.


Private classes are a wonderful way to fast-track your progress and make great low-carbon gifts for family and friends. I offer one-to-one workshops, corporate classes, college classes and private group bookings at the following rates:

  • £50 per 1-hour session
  • £280 for six 1-hour sessions
  • £400 for ten 1-hour sessions


Prana Yoga Oxford
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Everybody Studio
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